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Hilary Duff remains deliciously shapely despite her premature gray

04.24.2015by: Droz

Hilary Duff has herself a nice little spread in Shape magazine this month. Apart from documenting much about what we love about Hilary, this spread acts as a rather stark contrast to her current styling choices. Now, you know I'm no fan of the blond. That said, I'll take blond over this new gray bullshit any day. Why is this a thing? Seriously, why? I thought the blue-green was silly enough, but this monotone shit is downright ridiculous. There's a reason why the only people heretofore wearing their hair in long, gray strands were old hippies and college professors. That's because it doesn't look very good. Clearly opinions on that have been obscured as of late. It's almost as though Hilary saw the two black and white pics in her Shape magazine spread and thought "hey, now there's a look." Ugh, I'll just keep telling myself that this too shall pass and take comfort in the fact that her ass is still intact - for now anyway.

Source: ShapeNSFW


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