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Hilary Duff pokies & cutoffs? Yes please!

03.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
At times I wonder why Hilary Duff is famous. While I understand that she came into fame when she was a kid as a part of the programming that Disney put out to entice those who weren't quite teens and were too old for the kiddie programming ("Tweens" as was the popular term), her moment as Lizzie Maguire didn't last long because of her mother pushing for her to get more than she had really earned. After leaving the show there was the pop singer career, where we got to pretend that her nasally high pitched tone was tolerable because she was a (barely) legal adult by that point and we could ogle her as she dated that Madden twin who was way older than her. There were a few movies in there too, mostly a shave off the shitty Disney garbage, where we could see that ol' Hil really had (has?) little to no true acting charisma. And now we follow her every move as she gets groceries, iced coffees and fills up her $85K Range Rover. I haven't watched her series Younger, but I haven't had a lot of evidence that it's worth watching if I have to go off what I know of her outside of the paparazzi shots. So I suppose she could be brilliant by now and I wouldn't realize it. After all, there are thighs & pokies to gawk at.
Source: Got Celeb


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