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Hilary Duff legs her way to AOL for a three day hotness streak

01.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I really have no room to talk about how I think Hilary Duff's TV Land show, "Younger" looks crappy when I wholeheartedly enjoy "2 Broke Girls." I know it's a terrible show filled with atrocious stereotypes but the thing makes me laugh, so f*ck it. I might just have to give Duff's show a chance if she looks any degree of hot on it that she does in person when she's hawking it. This time around Duff was over at the AOL Build Series thingymabob where celebrities sit on uncomfortable director's chairs with mics in their hands, talking about how they love working with their castmates, directors and stroke-stroke-stroke, anyone else who's listening. Hil has been working those sexy legs of hers, made all the more enticing by the wee bit of thicker-ness in the thighs than what her fellow MILFs tend to have. I don't mind having a post a day from Duff if this is what it's going to look like.
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