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Hilary Duff knows what you're thinking when she walks by in her butt jeans

06.17.2016by: Droz

I love the little smile Hilary Duff was flashing at the paps as they made their way around back of her for the requisite booty shot. The fine assed pop star/actress is currently filming new episodes of her show Younger in NYC, where it appears Hilary's butt jeans have become her calling card once again. I'm sure she's come to accept the unavoidable ass shot the paps must get for any capture of Hilary to be complete. In fact, I'm fairly certain she insists on these pics, if only in a kind of a passive way. She knows where the cameras are going to wind up eventually as she makes her way by in something tight like this, looking so good that guys in the crosswalk behind her risk getting squished into the pavement by an MTA bus just to get a good look at dat ass. No man in his right mind can pass up a shot of her ass in jeans like these. That's why she wears them. Once again, it's Hilary giving you and me a nice little present. I just wish I could unwrap it.

Source: NSFW


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