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Hilary Duff knows how to accentuate that booty

10.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Hilary Duff has been photographed out in public enough lately to provide us with a few image sets featuring her perfectly protruding backside. Trust me, You'll want to check out what she's packing into a variety of skin-tight garb. From spandex to blue jeans, there's nothing that booty doesn't look tasty in. It's no secret that images of this scorching hot MILF's rump are very popular on the Internet, so catching you up on all of the ass photos that have slipped through the cracks (pun intended) is a responsibility we take seriously. There is no excuse for depriving anyone – I don't care if the ass isn't your favorite feature – of such an exemplary example of grabbable glutes. Disclaimer: Nothing on a woman should be grabbed without consent; I'm not promoting that idea. You'll just have to imagine what it feels like to palm that derrière – and after two minutes of looking over Hilary Duff's body, I'm sure you'll do just that.

Source: NS4W


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