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Hilary Duff kept her hot thighs cool at Coachella with some tiny cutoffs

04.16.2015by: Droz

Weekend 2 of Coachella is almost upon us. Should be interesting to see which celebrity hotties show up for that. They certainly got a good turn out of fine ass women for the first weekend. Among that lot was Hilary Duff, who enjoyed the shows in a couple of seriously short cut offs. Dig those thick thighs. There's a whole lot to enjoy about Hilary, but one thing I admire about her is the confidence she seems to have in herself nowadays. Normally the trend is for women to have the kid and then turn into soccer moms, hiding their weight gain under mommy jeans. Hilary, on the other hand, really didn't start showing off her bod until after the kid. Far from hiding those new curves, she started squeezing them into butt jeans and strutting around town. That's right, Hilary. Own that thickness. You earned it.

Source: NSFW


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