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Hilary Duff keeps on strutting her black clad booty around town

10.27.2016by: Droz

There's something an impending ecological disaster brewing in Southern California, thanks to an extended period of what they've been calling an "exceptional drought" situation. It used to be the whole state was in that boat, but rains farther north have put us in a less than exceptional drought situation, which is another way of saying we're slightly less f*cked for now than they are farther south. Sounds pretty bad, but the flip side of that exceptional drought coin is persisting warm, summer like temps in the LA area. And it's those which keep Hilary Duff from wearing stuff that might spoil such choice ass shots as those below. This means tight ass shit wrapped around her blessed butt potentially well into November and even beyond. Climate change may be setting things up to deal a serious blow to the future of sustainable life in SoCal, but it's doing wonders for our ability to get year round Duff butt. For everything there's a silver lining.

Source: NSFW


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