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Hilary Duff keeps her crosswalk thickness in the green

08.25.2016by: Droz

Oh boy, here we go again on the Duff roller coaster of big booty fun. Girl is still filming episodes for the next season of her Younger show, essentially taking over NYC streets with her glorious thickness. Unfortunately for Hildog, I haven't seen the show. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have much to say to me, apart from the inspired usage of wardrobe for it's star. Putting Hilary in tight dresses is just common sense. You might remember they did the same thing with AnnaSophia Robb with her defunct The Carrie Diaries show, which ironically also told the story about a pretty, blonde, hottie with a thick ass living and loving in NYC. A little bit of inspiration for Hilary's show, maybe? Again, I have no idea. All I can say is that Hilary crosses streets better than anyone I've ever seen. I could watch her obey pedestrian traffic rules all day long.

All her booty goodness makes me curious about why her leading men seem to be so interested in getting her hands down the front of her pants/dresses when there's so much good happening out back. I guess Hilary is fun from every angle.

Source: NSFW


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