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Hilary Duff is satisfied with dudes drooling over her butt from afar

01.06.2017by: Droz

I wont lie, it's a little disappointing to see Hilary Duff contributing to another annoying edition of this ridiculous magazine. Then again, I'm a realistic guy. I know most of what she does, including all the ass shows she gives us, are done with the understanding that it's all valuable free press for her. Cosmo is actually paying her to talk about her relationship status, which is a lot more than you or I have to offer her. Actually, it seems us guys don't have much to offer to Hilary at all. According to her, she's perfectly okay with being a single mom. Of course, that's probably gonna change once the kid grows up a little more and needs less and less of his mom. At that point Hilary might find she's in need someone to occupy the time she once devoted to her kid's needs. Don't get too excited though. As everyone but the exceptionally deluded understands, the chances are minuscule it would ever be you or me who gets the honor of distracting Hilary from her empty nest. But one can always still dream.

Source: Cosmo


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