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Hilary Duff is less of a horse whisperer and more of a butt whisperer

06.21.2016by: Droz

I'm somewhat confused about what exactly is supposed to be happening in this scene Hilary Duff was filming for her show Younger. Are they aware that the term "horse whisperer" is not meant to be taken literally and that actually whispering in a horse's ear wont produce much more than a neigh or a whinny? Whatever the point of this exchange, the actual communication here is being made between our eyes Hilary's ass in those jeans. That ain't no whisper either. More like a loud wolf whistle.

Speaking of Hilary's ass, one of our awesome readers pointed out to us recently how said ass is on Twitter now. Her ass has even retweeted a few of our posts about it recently. What's even better than Hilary's ass on Twitter is the fact that Hilary is currently following her ass on there. That's nice of her, though I fear the surreal Twitter wars that could erupt should Hilary ever come to think less of her ass. Nah, never happen. Not when she's got a tush this nice. It makes me wish I had this guy's job right now.

Hilary Duff Younger Location Horse

Source: NSFW


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