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Hilary Duff is in the market for more than just butt pants

02.26.2015by: Droz

Apparently the paps are so eager to get a Hilary Duff ass shot that they're following her into stores now? I suppose I can understand their desire. I'd probably go to any length to get an eyeful of Hilary in a set of tight leggings as well. How fortunate then that her shirt is hiked up just enough to give them a decent ass shot. I'm sure that was just an accident. Uh huh.

One thing that definitely isn't accidental are the divorce papers Hilary officially served to her philandering hockey star husband Mike Comrie recently. Supposedly the two of them were trying to work it out after separating last year, but that ended soon after Hilary heard about him loving up to random women at some club. Well, at least he doesn't have anything to feel bad about now when he entreats random skanks to come back to his place. Just one more reason for no woman to ever think about marrying a sportsman. It's just not worth it. Look at all the shit women have had to deal with recently from professional athlete husbands. Beatings, betrayals, scandals of various kinds. Even if said athlete does turn out to be the perfect husband, they can easily get their bell rung too many times and end up with some terrible, crippling disease that ends up killing them way before their time. It's just not fair. Wait until they retire from their sport, ladies. If their sporting life hasn't turned them into drug addicts, sex freaks, or homicidal psychopaths by the time they retire, they should be good to go as supportive husbands and fathers.  


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