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Hilary Duff is generous on social media with some hot bikini shots

08.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's easy to take generous hotties like Hilary Duff for granted. Social media pics have become so common place, that we now expect them. We should remember to be gracious towards charitable ladies who do nothing more than give the people what they want – and what the people want are pictures of Hilary Duff in a bikini. It's a clear-cut case of supply and demand. Even though she doesn't have to be so forthcoming with her leisurely activities, she chooses to be. Thus, I feel it incumbent upon myself to acknowledge the value of inclusive babes like The Duff. We often rely heavily on intrusive paparazzi pics to get our hottie fix; so it's nice when Hilary cuts out the sleazy, voyeuristic, factor. These kind of friendly gestures raise her likability significantly. I'm reminded that I'm more than some perv who can only appreciate a beautiful stranger for superficial reason. I'm also attracted to the things that matter like a lovely, and generous, personality. I also added some shots of her ass in jean shorts to offset this mushy crap. I love that ass!

Source: Got CelebGot Celeb


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