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Hilary Duff is always good for some excellent views

06.18.2015by: Droz

Hilary Duff and her camp must be feeling good right about now, what with her first new album in 8 years standing tall at #1 on iTunes and getting all kinds of great reviews. Sounds like there's a large segment of the population still very much into the former Lizzy McGuire sweetheart and her pop music proclivities. Just look at the crowds amassed to catch a glimpse of Hilary after she spent an hour suffering the inane yappings of the various hags on The View. So fervent were her fans in their love for Hilary that she couldn't help but take a minute and give them a little love in return. Of course all this went down while she wore her signature ass pants. Hilary's love for her fans beams out into the world in all sorts of different ways. For them it was autographs and selfies. For us, yet more great ass shots. She's got something good for everyone.

Source: NSFW


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