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Here's your weekly heaping helping of Carmella Rose hotness

02.02.2016by: Droz

Searching around the web for images of the delicious Carmella Rose has become something akin to panning for gold. I spend my time sifting through all sorts of lesser model material, until finally a little speck of gold appears. And then another, and another, until eventually I have myself a old big handful of Carmella gold to post. I just wish I could post them all here. The true quality of this hottie does not fully engage until all those clothes come completely off her body. Then you realize just how special she is. Fortunately that tends to happen quite a lot, so one never has to look far to get a perfect understanding of why Carmella has become my new fascination. I could look at pics of her all day and never get tired. I know that because I'm practically doing that now. Panning for Carmella isn't a mere hobby. It's become my obsession. I must find more of her.

Source: Superior Pics


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