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Here's some Zoe Kravitz in a bikini on the beaches of Miami for your wet Wednesday

10.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Lenny Kravitz's greatest hit, daughter Zoe Kravitz was seen on the beaches of Miami on Monday wearing a tiny black bikini while she cooled off in the Atlantic. The actress is taking a break from touring during the musical part of her career, spending time cuddling up with current boyfriend, "Twin Shadow." Not that I'm figuring you want to see pictures of Zoe hugging the stupidly named dude (his real name is George Lewis Jr, apparently too normal for a musician), so I excluded those in favor of the leggy, wet goodness from Zoe. Kravitz is in pre-production on her latest film, BLACK BELLE, a Western from director Shana Betz, who directed the interesting film FREE RIDE, with Anna Paquin. I'm guessing you'd all rather wait for that than her other upcoming film, VINCENT-N-ROXXY, which co-stars malcontent Emile Hirsch. 
Source: People


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