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Here's some photos straight out of Kate Compton

03.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

Lame headline puns aside; what kind of backward ass planet are we living on where a botted water company, not Playboy, is keeping the internet stocked with boobs and butt photos? The once King of explotation released their first non-nude covergirl shoot - a instagram model named Sarah McDaniel - and the results are as dull as you probably imagined; not like this Kate Compton photo set. You have to give credit where credit is due and the marketing team at 138 Water is due. They've figured out that sex is the new black, it goes with everything; taking two seemingly unrelated things and building a huge brand by putting them together. The CEO needs a guest apperance on Shark Tank. It begs the question: If you want to sell a product in an already over crowded market like bottled water, can you apply that strategy to anything and be as successful? Could I knock Beats by Dre out of the box by selling headphones shaped like tits?

Source: 138 Water


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