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Here's some more shots of Shay Mitchell's perfect pair of pins

01.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

This will be the third Shay Mitchell post in two weeks; I only hope some awesome photos arise later in the day so tomorrow, I can make it four - everybody has their preferences. I've noticed celebs like Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson are on the receiving end of many people's lustful attention. Myself... I consider myself to be a Shay Mitchell junkie. I just can't seem t get my fill of the caramel skinned Canuck. To quote myself: she's one of the finest females drawing breath, and to that I hold. Their really isn't a feature of hers I consider sub-par, though my favorite is easily those legs. She's keen on showing them too, always making it the focal point of her look; whether it's for an awards ceremony or a TV interview like the one she's heading to in these pics. Sorry if fatigue is setting in but I can't help it. If a day or two goes by without some images of this stellar lady, the high I get comes crashing down, leaving me writhing in the kind of pain that can only be subdued with the next pic fix.

Source: NSFWPopoholic


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