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Here's some more pics from Katrina Bowden's booty blog

03.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

When it comes to writing about Hollywood's finest females, there's a lot of hearsay. So, being that Katrina Bowden has taken to self promoting with her sex appeal (by way of her own fitness website/blog), I'll let her tell you how she maintains that shapely form. Directly from the mouth of this babe: "Stair climbing workouts are super challenging, can be done indoor or outdoors, and are an AMAZING cardio workout- not just great for your ass!" Riveted yet? "... I actually DO take the stairs pretty much any time they are an option…and honestly, they are usually always an option!" Yeah, that's just not as fun as baseless assumptions, conjecture, innuendo and the occasional barb. I do appreciate all of the ass shots she so generously provides, I just don't need the accurate context given by the subject. As the Brits say, "It takes the piss out of it.

Extra Tidbit: "So whether your climbing it out outdoors or huffing away inside on a Stairmaster- climbing burns serious calories, gives you a really great workout, and a firm booty!" - XO Katrina
Source: Fit Kat


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