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Here's some hot Hannah Jeter action to start your week off right

02.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

A new Hannah Davis (now Jeter) SI spread would've normally been one of my most hotly anticipated collection of photos. For some reason or another – most likely due to her high profile marriage to Derek Jeter and the fact that they're now expecting a baby – I wasn't that particularly amped about it – until I saw the photos, that is. Maybe it wasn't bitterness over Hannah proclaiming her undying love to anyone other than myself, but just the brief absence of any sexy media featuring this future MILF, which caused a dip in interest. A reminder was all I needed to get excited over Hannah once again, and even though her turn in a bikini wasn't as risque as some of the other shoots from the 2017 issue, the resulting images are still hot enough to set your trousers on fire; no surprise considering Hannah Davis can send sparks to your nerve endings with nothing more than her piercing, ocean blue eyes. Derek Jeter is a lucky mofo.


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