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Here's more of Alison Brie's GQ swimsuit pics, just in case anyone cares

03.02.2015by: Droz

I forget. Do ya'll like you some Alison Brie or not? Well anyway, the one or two of you who do like Alison should enjoy seeing the full GQ Mexico spread our friend Cherry Liquor gave us a preview of last week. My god, what an incredible woman she is, in so many amazing ways. Need I even go through the list? Talented, funny, accomplished, beautiful, great eyes, a pretty face, an awesome body, big tits, effortlessly slutty and apparently quite sexually liberated in ways that remain frustratingly obscure. What more could you ever want in a woman? We cover so many hotties around here that they all become like a blur after awhile. Despite that, Alison remains for me one of the few who always rise above the teeming masses of especially sexual feminitiy. Every sidewalk candid or red carpet pic or magazine spread is an event when it features her. I think you'll agree that this spread is an especially good reason to celebrate the abundant goodness Alison brings to us all. 

Source: GQ


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