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Here's further proof Jessica Alba in a bikini never gets old

07.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

With so many candid photos of Jessica Alba living it up on the beach, it's hard to discern one set from the other. She basically wears the same style of swimsuit; varying the color or pattern to her liking. That doesn't keep the fresh feeling of excitement from coming over you each time Jessica sheds her every day attire for what she truly belongs in... the bikini. It's not until visions of a contender for the greatest body in the history of Hollywood is being kissed by sunrays do you feel that familiarity; the opposing feeling to seeing her business mogul, public persona in the off-season. When the pokies are outlined through her soaking wet bikini top and beads of salty ocean water are slowly sliding down her sought after backside, you know your in the company of Alba's true self, not her organic touting alter ego. That's why bikini photos of this super MILF are so common – she can only go so long before she has to migrate back to her natural habitat.

Source: Superior Pics


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