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Here's another push for more Solveig Mork Hansen recognition; she deserves it

01.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

In regards to my previous post featuring Solveig Mork Hansen, I had this to say: How she's not already in high demand is beyond me, but rather than waste time pondering the why, I'm gonna do my best to make sure the appropriate correction occurs. Today, I'm making good on that promise by bringing you her current photo shoot by exploitation shutterbug, Tyler Kandel. If the previous post left you unconvinced of her sexiness, maybe this current one will help. The majority of pics, thankfully, aren't a bunch of airbrushed bullshit. It looks as though only a small amount of touch-ups were applied, making them – and her – a prime example of natural beauty; captured in high-resolution glory. Some out there may pontificate: she lacks enough curvature to warrant serious attention – I disagree. Not because I dislike an ass you can hold onto, but because I'm enthusiastic towards all kinds of form. She pulls off petite extremely well, with an booty and pair of knockers that are perfectly proportioned to her tightly-toned frame. Keep a lookout for what is hopefully, a revealing future.


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