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Here's Alexis Ren doing what she does best for Planet Blue

03.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Watching the high-on-life babe Alexis Ren stripping off her bikini would be like watching a snake shed it's skin, it's just going to give way to a fresh coat. She lives in a bikini, to the point of it becoming part of her biological make up. Planet Blue saw fit to capitalize on this "gift" by hiring the young blonde to do her thing for their 2016 collection of beach underwear, and the results are - unsurprisingly - awesome. Perhaps she's a closet genius; other great minds like Einstein, Dr. Cornell West and Mark Zuckerberg only wear/wore slight variations on the exact same outfit. They did [this] so not to expend to much thought over things they deemed to be of little importance, leaving their minds free and functioning at maximum efficiency for making the real, tough decisions. Or, unlike that collection of beautiful minds, she does it to get the boys attention.

Source: Planet Blue


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