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Here's a preview of what Kelly Brook has in store for us in 2017

08.30.2016by: Droz

The new Kelly Brook calendar pics are in early this year. Normally we have to wait until the 4th quarter for our first look at how Kelly will be tantalizing us with her massive knockers throughout the year to come. This year has been a quiet one for Kelly, which may have given her more time to crank out those calendar pics faster than usual. My impression as I perused this new selection was a constant awareness of how Kelly doesn't look like this. We've seen her most recent candid swimsuit pics. Clearly the Photoshop folks were working overtime on this 12-month compendium of Kelly bangability. But screw it. Do we really care if Kelly shops out a little gristle around her waist? You're still getting the massive tits in the deal. I'm perfectly willing to deceive myself about the rest - especially after looking at April. Goddamn woman...

Source: Superior Pics


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