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Here's a bunch more Barbara Palvin goodness, just because we love her so much

02.19.2016by: Droz

At some point all this SI Swimsuit promoting will end and all the models out there promoting it will go back to their usual thing. That's too bad, because it's been nice having all these great moments to share with Barbara Palvin. We don't see her nearly enough. Such a sweet, beautiful, sexy thing like Barb should be a far more consistent presence around here. Believe me, I do try to make that happen. For some reason raising her profile is far tougher than it should be. Just look at that face. So sweet. Do your best not to drool over those long legs or that perfect body. She's also the fun-loving sort, which just adds a further dimension to her greatness. I'd post pics of Barbara everyday if I could. She's a treat for the mind, body, and spirit - a holy trinity of hotness. Worship her.

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