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Here's a big load of Katy Perry weird hotness for your viewing pleasure

05.30.2014by: Droz

There's been all kinds of Katy Perry content trickling out from various locations over the last week or so. It didn't feel like any of these were sufficiently substantial or interesting enough to post individually. However, when cobbled together into a big pile of Perry, it all takes on a certain fascination. I don't know what to make of this return to the absurdly colored hair thing. Or why she has chosen to dye only the ends of her hair. Nor can I fathom why she's chosen a color that makes her hair look like she accidentally dipped it into the same vat of chemical waste that created The Joker. This return to weirdness says something positive for Katy's time with John Mayer. Did you notice how a lot of this crazy stage show stuff and flirtations with hair alterations were cut to a minimum when she was with him? She got relatively normal there for awhile. But as soon as John split the scene, right back to the weirdness.

Not that I have any stake in Katy's choice in attire. All I really care about are whether her tits are viewable. All else is negotiable. Still, Katy isn't getting any younger. She's 30 this year. Pretty soon she's going to pass a point of no return, where running around in plastic palm tree fronds and the like is going to go from crazy fun to kind of sad. I get that she's on the rebound from the engagement and everything, so I'll give her a little time to adjust. I think the clock on this kind of thing is ticking for her.

Then again, if she wants to draw this thing out a little longer, I guess I can live with it.


Source: NSFWCosmo


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