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Here, have some more fine Mary Elizabeth Winstead goodness

03.09.2016by: Droz

Something I just realized after looking at some pics from 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE is how MEW is especially pretty when she's scared.

MEW Cloverfield Scared 1 MEW Cloverfield Scared 2

She's also quite beautiful when she's calm, happy, sad, angry, giddy, depressed and every other kind of state of psychological being one can be in. The important part is MEW is getting around to showing us her various states of being much more frequently as of late. Which is nice, as she hasn't always been so available. Time was she stood a little more shy of the press, doling out only a few scant shots at some event here and there. Lately she's grown more friendly to our needs for more MEW content, even opting for some low cut outfits like this one here. I'm thankful for that, but also astounded to learn some of you harbor critical, even spiteful opinions of Ms. Winstead here. I'm not sure how such a thing could happen. Maybe some kind of misunderstanding. Ya'll should just relax and immerse yourself in the calm, healing rays of MEW imagery. She's always done wonders for my outlook on things.

Extra Tidbit: Check out my main man Johnny Goodman looking all svelte. Good for him.
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