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Here, have another Selena Gomez tight butt moment

06.20.2014by: Droz

I'm totally on board for all these fine ass moments Selena Gomez has been putting out there lately. Girl is young, but she knows how to show off her goods. I do fear for the future of the once sweet and adorable young woman we once knew. Her persistent connection to the thoroughly loathsome Bieber is beginning to take it's toll, twisting and contorting her into a public nuisance just like him. Thus the recent incident at Selena's palatial estate, where her loud party music roused several of her millionaire neighbors from their slumber and thus brought the police to her door. Already she's begun to walk down the same road as her hateful off and on SO by becoming an annoyance to her neighbors. Soon she'll be drag racing down the boulevards, drunk off sizzurp while egging bystanders and yelling racially insensitive jokes out the window of her chromed Fisker.

Actually, I think the problem is entirely about the station these kids have in life. I know damn well if I had people throwing millions of dollars at me at 19 and I had all kinds of cars and houses and women and jets carrying me around the world, I'd have been a complete asshole piece of shit as well. That late teen, early 20s age range is rife with assholes, money or not. That's just a part of being young and stupid. Having huge bank and armies of suck ups everywhere only enhances it. And unfortunately, some rather misguided young women get off on assholes being themselves. Sad to see Selena is a member of that group. Hopefully she wises up before his hopefully imminent fall succeeds in pulling her down with him.


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