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Here are a few more treats from this year's Halloween hotties

10.31.2016by: Droz

One of the most fun times of year for fans of the famous hotties, or hotties in general, is when they all come out strong on Halloween. The various Halloween parties become something like a contest between hotties for the overall prize of who had people's jaws dropping the hardest. I'm not sure if we've seen the very best of the hot costumes from 2016 yet, but the moments below are a pretty damn good start. Many of my favorite hotties there doing their slutty costume thing and most importantly, there were many pics taken of them doing so. Unfortunately not as much coverage was made of a Harley Quinn I found, here played by Katharine McPhee, who potentially did a better job playing Harley than Margot Robbie did. Here are a few gifs of Kat doing her thing, which will hopefully be sufficient until more pics of that come out.

Check out what 2016's best Halloween babes were up to in the following order:

Hilary Duff, Charlotte McKinney, Renee Olstead, Barbara Palvin, Emily Ratajkowski, Sophie Simmons, Hailee Steinfeld, Michelle Trachtenberg, Milana Vayntrub, and Ariel Winter

Source: NSFW


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