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Here's 31 reasons to celebrate Scarlett Johansson's 29th

11.22.2013by: Droz

I try to do my best to match the number of pictures in a birthday post to the number of years a hottie is celebrating. Fortunately or unfortunately, the intertubes are a wondrous place where images roam in vast numbers, all of them vying for my favor. Such is the case with supreme, high order hottie Scarlett Johansson, who reaches the big 29 on this day. This is the last year she can cling to a notion of youth and not be kidding herself. No matter. Scarlett might be on the cusp of her dirty 30s, but she's only getting better with age.

Looking back through all these pics from different periods in her famous career, I'm left to wonder what we did before Scarlett showed up on the scene. It doesn't seem like it's been 10 years since she literally charmed the whole world alongside all time super cool guy Bill Murray in LOST IN TRANSLATION. It surely can't have been a decade since Scarlett's beautiful butt in sheer panties instantly vaulted her to the big time:

Things have only gotten better since then. How many great moments has she had, both on and off screen? I can't count them all. Seems to me that having more great moments than one can recollect in a single sitting must surely qualify her for beloved hottie status. The same goes for being desired by billions, sought after by all the big time filmmakers and earning some of the biggest paychecks in the biz. Barring any significant mental breakdown or career-ending scandal, I'd say she's probably destined to be an A-lister until the end of time. That should certainly soften the blow of exiting her 20s. No one can deny that it's been quite a decade for her and for those of us with a powerful love and lust for her.

Happy birthday, Scarlett. We're looking forward to even more great moments in decades to come.


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