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Hendricks' Sci-Fi Video

06.03.2010by: Seth Gecko

When a popular magazine like Esquire comes out to the world and gives you the title of Sexiest Woman In The World, you're almost guaranteed that it'll open big doors for that particular woman in the near future. This is the biggest hope that I have for the stunning and voluptuous Christina Hendricks who's popularity and incredible looks have swarmed the internet and the world many times over at this point. And if you love Christina as much as I do, it'll make your day to know that rock band Broken Bells recently enlisted her to star in the sci-fi music video for their new single "Ghost Inside" which is now online. As you can imagine, the video is incredible and Christina gives a great performance while looking as beautiful as ever. Don't take my word for it though and check out the video yourself by clicking the screencap below.

Click the screencap below to view the video.

Extra Tidbit: Thanks to my girl Cherry for the heads-up on the video!


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