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Helena Christensen shows the youngins how it's done in Vogue Portugal

08.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Everyone is constantly going on about how Cindy Crawford supposedly looks just as amazing now at the age of 50 as she did 25 years ago. I don't think she looks bad by any means but let's get real. Shit is not what it used to be with her. However, take a look at 47-year old Helena Christensen in the September 2016 issue of Vogue Portugal. Compare the now to a pic of her in 1991, when she was 22. While there are some slight changes and even accounting for Photoshop cleaning up any imperfections, that's pretty damn impressive. Hell, just look at her hands, the first place I look to for telltale age and she's still amazing. The mother to Mingus Reedus (yes, terrible first name but that last name belongs to Helena's former longtime boyfriend, Norman Reedus), a 16-year old stunning young man himself, it's a wonder why she hasn't stayed in the spotlight as long as some of her contemporaries. Then again, that might be what saved her from decomposing prematurely.


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