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Heigl Pantsless

04.16.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Personally, I'd prefer to see her topless. All the time, in every movie that she's in, every TV show she apparently rules and just out and about on a daily basis. I remember the only reason why I wanted to watch "Roswell" back in the day was to see her fuller figure with those mammoth sweater stretchers. Alas, she doesn't ever fully reveal them to her newly minted husband Josh Kelly, and that's only when he's being a good boy.

Katherine has started requesting that Kelly be referred to as "Joshua" and not his established professional nickname, stirring up memories of episodes of "Friends" and that guy that Jennifer Aniston should have stuck with, when he guested as a character on the show with the same name. What does any of this have to do with the title of the piece? Well, click on the below picture to catch Heigl in men's briefs during the filming of her new movie THE UGLY TRUTH, with Gerard "I'm not f*cking Cameron Diaz" Butler.

Katherine owes a lot to Judd Apatow for helping to make her a more bankable movie star but has publicly dissed the movie that got her a notch higher on the Hollywood scale, KNOCKED UP. She refers to the movie as misogynistic. Most people say don't bite the hand that outfits you with multiple dresses. But after reading in last month's Cosmo that Apatow requested that she diet down to a size 0 for the role, I say bash away, Katie! He should have had you gain weight and then actually take off the damn bra in that scene where you wrestle the pig. I mean, ride Seth Rogen and pretend to enjoy it. Same difference.


Extra Tidbit: Remember that creepy movie, MY FATHER THE HERO, where a 13 year old Heigl convinces her dad to pose as her boyfriend so she can romance a twenty-something guy? Well, that role was originally supposed to go to Alicia Silverstone. She turned it down. I wonder why.
Source: Defamer


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