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Heidi Montag thinks the Gs need to go-go

08.26.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I'm pondering why I'm bothering to devote any more time to the discussion of Twit's silicone inflated chest and then I remember that even comical breasts are breasts. If most of the chicks who are depicted in comic books were to come to life, they'd have a body like Heidi Montag's, ridiculously proportioned. Does it make it easier for people to hate on Montag because she's such a vapid moron instead of some heroic crime fighter? Hell, at least she once showed that she knows how to use a gun. But I digress...

In an effort to make sure that she gets more attention from the media than she should have used up long ago, Heidi Montag gave an interview to Life & Style magazine telling the gossip mongers over there that she's sick of her G-cup inhanced chest. Back in November of 2009, Montag underwent 10 different plastic surgeries in one session, including upgrading her previously enhanced boobs to the ginormous size mentioned above. Her initial breast augmentation surgery took her from a "barely B" cup to a DD. Montag claims that she would prefer to resize what she has now to a D or a DD.

Finding the right doctor to do the job might be a stretch for the celebutard, seeing as how just a week or so ago, the surgeon who famously did all those procedures on her died in a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway, prompting many to speculate that he drove off the road while sending a text message. (Police reports are denying it thus far, but the message was supposed to be a Tweet about his dog being sick. That's funny all in and of itself.)

So, would this then make her chest "pre-surgical" to the second surgery? I don't know the rules on these things.

Source: Huffington Post
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