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Heidi Montag & her surgically enhanced bikini body are alive & in London

02.07.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Every so often, like a pimple on your ass, Heidi Montag will pop up again in our peripheral vision. I honestly don't know what she's doing now and I'm not even all that interested in looking up to see what it is but the land where trashy reality stars are wholly embraced - the UK - seems to be where she's touched down this week. Heidi famously had all of those plastic surgeries in one day, from her jaw line to lipo to a clown-car sized pair of fake tits (the second set she'd had put in, after first pumping up her A cup to feel better about her appearance while she was still on MTV's The Hills). The doctor who did all of them is also famously known for crashing his car and dying while sending out a tweet, so I think she might still be able to count herself lucky. She's since downgraded the size of her chest and looks a bit more natural, if that's what you can call it. She still doesn't look happy in the slightest, perhaps propped up by a handful of anti-depressants or something. I don't know if posting on her helps because it's giving her the attention she seems to still want or if I'm being an enabler. Whatever the case, her body is still pretty damn fit.
Source: CelebMafia


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