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Heidi Montag enjoys white shores while we enjoy her bikini body

09.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Watching Heidi Montag strut along white coastal shores is like witnessing history's sexiest mirage, manifesting before your very eyes. Only, you needn't be half dead, dehydrated and crawling on the hot sands of desert floors to see it. No mere illusion, Heidi took to the beach during her vacation in the Bahamas wearing a flattering two piece that perfectly accentuates her hourglass figure. There may be no greater prudish hottie than Heidi Montag; her behavior defies logic. Why go through a dozen surgeries – we're talking breast implants, pinned-back ears, nose job, boob job and fat injections in her face – if you're not committed to periodically sharing the results? She did a non-nude Playboy spread before Playboy had officially given up on naked females – the foundation the once great magazine was built on – and keeps those surgically enhanced tits concealed. Thinking about it is as headache inducing as coming to grips with a nonsensical time paradox. Better to enjoy this set of bikini pics lest you drive yourself mad.

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