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Heidi Klum wants you to eat ice cream in her underwear

01.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Clearly she's not serving up scoops from her panties but I did find it awfully amusing that the direction Heidi Klum decided to go in while she was in Sydney, Australia promoting her new lingerie & swimwear line was to serve up "ice cream cones" of her product. Especially when you consider that if you eat too much ice cream, no one is going to be particularly interested in seeing you in your underwear. (Or maybe you would, you kinky little freaks.) I'm never bored of what Heidi decides to do, which is a rarity in a world where we've grown so desensitized to the shock factor that we're more apt to nod amiably to any ol' weird thing that pops into a celebrity's mind. While Miley can strap on a million dildos and I'm strangely unmoved, Heidi can hand out panties in an ice cream cone and I'm charmed. Go figure.
Source: Daily Mail


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