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Heidi Klum shows off legs, abs, mad modeling skills in Galore

12.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor
For someone who's no longer a 10, Heidi Klum sure is faking it awful well. The 42-year old German model slash professional MILF posed in her bra & panties for a sexy black & white photoshoot in Galore magazine's December 2015 issue. The road to her success wasn't easy. "Of course, I was sent away from castings, or rejected many times, and there was always criticism. I came to America from Germany in the 90s with big boobs and a big smile. That wasn't what was in at the time," said in the accompanying interview. I don't know if I would classify her as having big boobs, although I have noticed that her chest decreased slightly after mothering & nursing 4 children. Then again, with the current trend of large breasted babes being in (Charlotte McKinney, Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski), the put Heidi's previously "large" chest to shame. It's a pity that Victoria's Secret, the company Klum found a home in when many runway bigwigs turned her down, has picked up thin models whose minimal chests are assisted by those ridiculously padded bras... and the Photoshop they use in the ads as well. We could use some more Heidis in the world right now. A great balance of boobs, smiles and sass.
Source: E Online


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