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Heidi Klum nearly loses her bikini bottoms while frolicking in the ocean

08.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
This 9.9 (remember back when this was the most offensive thing that came out of DoucheNut's mouth?) still has what it takes to kill it on the beach in a little string bikini, if you ask me. Heidi Klum was seen frolicking about, nearly losing her bikini bottoms to the ocean tide while vacationing with her much younger dude man, proving that 4 kids isn't going to slow the roll of a lingerie model's bounce. It's surprising to hear that Klum has said in interviews that she finds wearing a bikini in public "intimidating" considering that as a fairly liberal German hottie, we've seen her frequently go topless while on holiday with her family. I would imagine that might be an even more daunting public display of hotness.
Source: Mirror


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