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Heidi Klum is still a golden 10 in our books at America's Got Talent taping

08.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Out of all of the stupid shit that blowhard Donald Trump has been spouting over the entire span of his life, the silliest thing that's come out recently is his claim that Heidi Klum is no longer a "10." As if it's possible for anyone to be quantified in a hard number system like that. Sure, we can divvy up their bits and pieces, to which I would posit Trump - Can you really suggest that Heidi's attitude and disposition isn't the highest ranking of any hot model, actress, or otherwise celebrity in the world? Sure, the leggy former Victoria's Secret spokesmodel is wrinkling around the eyes from all of her smiling and her skin is glowing a bit too excessively from the posh vacations she takes, sunning herself on yachts. But still... when your response to a balding nitwit who tells people you've lost your stuff is the video below, I say you're an off-the-charts rockstar.
Source: Lazy Girls


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