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Heidi Klum & friends have a bunch of skin-baring fun for her annual Halloween party

11.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I would say that it's hard to believe we're already at the 16th Annual Klum-o-Ween, but I have a hard time remembering when Heidi Klum wasn't dressing up in lavish costumes for All Hallow's Eve. When I first saw the initial hint images released surrounding her popular annual party, I figured she was going to pull a Kardashian, "Break the Internet" costume, not all that surprising seeing as how one year she had elaborate body painting done to make her look like one of those flayed body models.

The only thing disappointing to come out of the Hollywood bash was the lack of originality from the famous people in attendance. Nicole Scherzinger as a zombie cat might be more interesting if people can recall that her career as a Pussycat is dead. Jennifer Lopez with lazy skeletal face makeup and a hoochie dress she could have worn to any stupid event was a snooze. Emily Ratajkowski was one of the few who made me laugh, coated in yellow paint and staggering under her Marge Simpson wig. Gigi Hadid was adorable and totally appropriate as Olivia Newton-John's version of Sandy from GREASE. Jessica Lowndes dialed in the #1 costume sought after (for kids and adults!) with her ode to Harley Quinn. (How powerful does that make Margot Robbie's version of the comic book bad girl?) And I'm really not sure what Nina Agdal's costume was but it didn't really matter when it left half of her fine booty hanging out.


Source: USA Today


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