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Heather's Bare Butt!

12.04.2007by: Seth Gecko

No gents, you're not seeing things and you have not entered the "Twilight Zone" even though you might think so after reading the above title. This is very real and it is unbelievable so get ready for another tasty treat from our star movie hottie, Heather Graham. Heather has done it yet again by blowing us off our seats with a love scene from her most recent drama called "Adrift In Manhattan" which is being given very high-praise already.

In the scene below, Heather is having sex with a young and lucky bastard when she suddenly decides to flip over and get on all fours for him. He then starts making love to her from behind and the part that will make you explode in your jeans comes shortly after this. She then asks him to start spanking her ass harder and harder.....are you there? It then goes into a strange moment with her saying "Tell me I'm a bad mother" and stuff like that so don't be pushed away by it. The best part as well is that you can see her gorgeous naked buns for the first time in ages. This is definitely her hottest love scene since the ones she did in "Killing Me Softly". Enjoy gents but don't enjoy too much!


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