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Heather Locklear's daughter Ava Sambora is continuing her mama's sexy legacy

03.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

138 Water didn't recruit from the former Playboy playmate pool to promote their bottled bath water; something that has been a successful marketing strategy. Nope, this time they went to the sexy gene pool of Heather Locklear and found her searing spawn, Ava Sambora - another hottie who recently came of age (18). She has appeared in THIS IS 40 and GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, but, I have a funny feeling this spread will gain her more notoriety than a couple of thankless roles - wearing see through mesh tops and booty shorts has a tendency to gain the internet communities attention. This youngin is easily hot enough to take up her mother's mantle and be a sexy standard-bearer for a whole new generation. But what do you all think? Does she elicit the kind of "schwing" her mom did, or will she get lost in the young hottie shuffle? Will her beauty be held to a higher standard because of mama's legacy or is she fine enough to build her own? Weigh in.

Source: 138 Water


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