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Heather Graham was the sexiest vampire in Milano this weekend

09.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There are people who look as if they're aging gracefully and then there's Heather Graham, who looks exactly the same as she did when BOWFINGER was released back in 1999. This woman is 46-years old, allegedly. I have to explain her lack of high profile, A-list acting gigs in recent years because she just doesn't age and people in Hollywood are watching their jealousy curdle into suspicion. I've tried to figure out if she's worked with Mario Lopez at some point and which one of them infected the other because this shit is insane. Graham was showing off her killer figure on the red carpet at the amfAR gala in Milano this past weekend (how I wish I could say it was Heather with Alyssa Milano because that would cause an even bigger brain malfunction) and even when she makes scrunchy faces, there are no lines, no wrinkles, no imperfections. Heather is flawless and I both hate and lust her for it.
Source: Got Celeb


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