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Haylie Gives Tug

05.17.2008by: John Murdoch

Haylie Duff Haylie Duff, who may not rival sister Hilary in overall hotness but who certainly exceeds her in what we around here like to call "rack yumminess", will soon be putting those delicious knockers to good use in an upcoming indie film titled TUG.

Duff and Sam Huntington are currently in negotiations to star in the Abram Makowka film in which Huntington would play a guy torn between staying with his current girlfriend and reuniting with his psychotic ex-girlfriend, who'll be played by Duff, and who, in her defense, does have a fantastic rack (if there's one thing that counts when agonizing over whether to return to a psychotic ex-girlfriend, it's the state of the rack).

Production is expected to begin in June in Michigan. Duff can next be seen in a surprising amount of indie films and pretending she's not at all jealous and is, in fact, quite proud of her younger sister's overwhelming fame.


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