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Hayley Atwell's dress could barely hold back her huge rack

02.09.2015by: Droz

You gotta have sympathy for any dress that attempts to contain the huge titty resources that Hayley Atwell holds in reserve beneath whatever she might be wearing. Dresses like these really are doing a near impossible job, particularly when held together with sheer material that's clearly not up to the job. Such was the case with Hayley as she made her way through the British Academy Awards last night. You can see the stitches beginning to fray there at a critical stress point. I don't know if that's something Hayley might feel embarrassed about, but she shouldn't. If she's proud of her tits (which would seem to be the case with Hayley when you consider all the time she spends showing them off), then moments like these would be a point of pride. "Look, my tits are so big they literally destroy my clothes." Maybe I'm just thinking too much like a guy. If I had a package that threatened to bust out of my zipper every time Hayley's tits showed up, I'd be beaming with pride every time.

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