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Hayley Atwell talks about empowerment & her big boobs in Evening Standard

07.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I think we all have concluded that Hayley Atwell is one of the most intriguing actresses on TV right now, where she's been playing "Agent Carter" as a part of the Marvel universe. In the recent issue of Evening Standard, Atwell talked about how taking on a heroic role helped to make her feel more powerful, even if means knocking a few crewman over. "I've kicked six stuntmen in the bollocks, hit someone over the back with a lead pipe and launched an iron chair at an assistant director. All completely by accident. When it comes to stunts I have a lot of confidence and little skill."

The voluptuous British babe also admits that her roles have been fewer and further between than some of her acting contemporaries because she doesn't want to play one-dimensional women. Atwell calls Peggy Carter her alter-ego, stating "I was always a people-pleaser — less so now — and I think it became detrimental to me."

She also says it wasn't easy for her growing up. While boys were beginning to pay attention to her developing figure, girls were calling her 'Hayley Fatwell.' "I still have [this one girl’s] face in my mind. Sometimes I play in my head what I’d like to say to her. She tried to Facebook me a year ago. I ignored her. "Are you kidding me? You made my life hell.'" And as for her famously well-endowed chest, "I’ve always felt quite genderless. Which is odd, because I have big boobs."

If you didn't like her before, I'm be shocked if you didn't like her even more now. For me it was Hayley's response to a Twitter comment from a fan asking, "Why are you so beautiful?" Her reply? "Why am I so Photoshopped?" 



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