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Hayley Atwell shows her conviction about her show by looking gorgeous

08.08.2016by: Droz

Our beloved Hayley Atwell continues to make the case for her new Conviction show and looking gorgeous while she's promoting it. I love looking at Hayley, but I'm a little sad about how scarce her once frequently seen cleavage shows have become. Remember those days not so long ago when an event like this would have been the perfect excuse to show off those precious boobs of hers?

Hayley Atwell Cleavage

Those were the days. Not that I can't be content with Hayley's sweet face alone. However, the choice between her sweet face or the deluxe sweet face and boobies combo is no choice at all. I'm also a little disappointed that they didn't bring back Hayley for a season 3 of Black Mirror. She definitely had my favorite episode of that show. Those who have seen it know why that is. It may sound like blasphemy to all you Marvel fans out there, but I think her one shot role on that show might still be my favorite thing she's ever done. It's a side of Hayley we don't see much of anymore. If you like Hayley as much as I do, but haven't seen the show, do go on Netflix and get caught up. You wont regret it.

Source: GotCeleb


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