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Hayley Atwell is happy to tell you about her new show

08.05.2016by: Droz

I wont lie and say I'm okay yet with Hayley Atwell moving on from the loss of a 3rd season as her main claim to fame, Agent Carter. However, it's probably for the best that she have some opportunities to move into other areas. I'd hate to see her typecast into a single role, unable to branch out into anything else. Anyway, there's no reason to think we wont see Peggy Carter again. Hayley continues to voice her fondness for the character and willingness to step back into her shoes. Also, Netflix, Marvel, and Disney have become real chummy. So there's a nice opportunity to give Peggy the send off she deserves, or even better, keep her story going into later decades of the 20th century. For now though, Hayley's got her show Conviction happening. I give ABC credit for recognizing a good thing when they found it and keeping Hayley around. It's hard to deny her any kindness or generosity. Not with a kisser like hers.

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