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Hayden Panettiere woo's critics and the internet with her massive cleavage

01.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Unfortunately it didn't result in a win; Hayden Panettiere went home empty-handed despite her cleavage campaign. Maybe she should employ that same tactic during episodes of Nashville instead of after the fact. Who's not empty-handed? – the lucky guy that gets to play with those things when they're not being occupied by her newborn baby. It may not have given her the kind of advantage she may have been hoping for, but I think I can speak for the entire Internet when I say, it worked with many of us. I honestly didn't remember she was on network television, let alone nominated for her performance on Nashville – I do now. Leave it to a peach colored dress with a huge keyhole cut out to jog any heterosexual male's memory. Take note: this is what happens when saline implants combine with breast milk. You end up with a pair of tits that are so un-natural and painful looking... that they're just beautiful.

Source: NSFW


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